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WiFi Master Key APK

lt is a crucial tool for all Android Smartphone and tablet users essential for searching, connection and managing WIFI access. Due to the availability of WIFI hotspots worldwide, this is the basic app that can be used to connect with some of the shared hotspots saving you ample time used in retyping passwords when connecting. To use this app you have to connect your Smartphone by searching the available WIFI hotspots around that area. Manual or automatic settings can make the connection to the hotspot. The best advantage of this app is that it can be downloaded directly from the internet and follow simple steps to install in your phone start using it instantly. lt gives the easiest and safest web surfing.

WiFi Master Key for Android

lt provides the details of the application such its description, advantages features of the app and its appearance. lt also provides the details of when the app came to existence, place of origin, its size, and the ratings in the current reviews. You need the wifi.com to know the contents of the app before downloading it into your Smartphone. The app has numerous advantages which provide the best experience ever to the user. To mention a few these benefits include; Saves on cost of data by connecting to free available shared Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • lt is easy and fast to connect
  • lt is a secure method to use as all passwords are not shown to protect your privacy as well as security by in encryption.
  • lt is available in very many languages which make it easy to understand and use in your local language.

WIFI key search

lt is an inbuilt feature of the WIFI master key app which enables the user to quickly search for the nearby available WIFI of which he can connect. A blue key is usually used to show the shared networks and those that can connect for free. To use this feature, you have to launch the WIFI master key from the Android Smartphone, navigate to the Connect tab and press on the key for WIFI search to see the available Wi-Fi hotspots around. The user is then able to connect to the open network by retrieving the secure passwords from the database. lt is worth to know that minimal mobile data is required to enable the WIFI key search to get connected to a faster with the WIFI.

How to connect automatically or manually.

Auto- linking gives the best mode of WIFI hotspots connecting and is used to connect with the available shared networks. lt is more advantageous as it saves time used in retyping passwords whenever you are connecting. lt is also fast, easy and less tedious. To manually connect to WIFI hotspots, typing the password is required for you to get connected. In such a case, WIFI master key acts as the best assistant to allow easy opening of the WIFI menus without any trouble- The advantage with the manual connection is that it does not require any mobile data to retrieve the passwords.